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31 Dec 2009

2009 in a few lines

2009 was an eventful year, it had it's high ups, and some very low downs. This is what came up when I was writing this item. It's very well possible that I've forgotten something.

  • I graduated from the laboratory school in July, scoring 5 times 8 out of 10 and once a 7 out of ten on my end list.
  • A crash in the velodrome of Alkmaar twisted my lower spine. I was fully functioning again after 2 weeks. The only thing that didn't hurt was riding Yavixa.
  • The red Fuego was swapped with Yivalté. I had to work for it, but it almost felt like a present.
  • My new job almost made me go mad, I quited after just 7 weeks.
  • The world championship in Tilburg was a blast. I'll remember the 4 hour street criterium as a highlight of 2009. 10th unfaired and riding in the same group as Barbera. (only for a few laps)
  • Another peak moment was my 4th fastest time on my favourite track, Trias The Hague. I out-cornered most plastic lowracers.
  • What first appeared to be a normal in-store promotion in December, turned out to be a moment that set me on fire for a couple of days. I just received my tickets for a concert in January. :-D
  • A new personal record, 331km in a single ride, including riding from dusk till dawn. Problem was that I got 'a little' sick. The last 75km took a painful 10 hours.
  • Rütenbrock is one of my favourite tracks. It brought me a 6th place, and some big scars on my elbow and ankle.
  • I saved a Pioneer, restored him and made him famous via some youtube videos.
  • Riding almost 50km/h under a railway station proved to be big fun.
  • I discovered the true story of my 'big inspiration' and loved her even more.
  • I proved that showering and doing the dishes near a sprinkler system is effective.
Numbers, data, figures.

Yavixa: 8833 km
Fuego: 1824km
Yivalté: 2889km
Pioneer: 696km
Including some other bikes and test rides I rode 16011km.

My favourite video of this year is my 'corner wizard video'. I can feel the corners when I look at it and the music really ads to the images.

My favourite photo is a bit cheesy, typically something I'd make. It features (of course) a bike, but it's a bike I restored. The colouring is excellent, the light is as it should be. Choosing a real favourite is very difficult. You can help me out by browsing through my picasa albums.

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