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23 Dec 2009


Before I went to sleep last Wednesday, I looked out the window and thought: 'I guess this is all to snow we'll get, just 2cm.... How wrong could I be? The next morning there was at least 10cm of the pretty white stuff! It made me get out of bed half an hour earlier than usual, and do something childish. I got dressed, went down, put on my sandals and rode around the street on my Pioneer.

But, it being Thursday, I had work to do. There where 2 small crates of mail in the hall that had to be delivered. Luckily, the cycle paths where clean enough to ride on. And I think that it didn't cost me much more time.

Than came, as usual, Friday. The most important day of the week. The day I work at Nazca. Almost every week a 42km ride brings me to Nijeveen, a small village south of Assen. Knowing that my route is a much used cycle route, I had no doubt that I would be able to ride my Mango velomobile to work. It was the only option. Walking takes to long and the trains had a lot of problems with the weather conditions. I must say, that it went surprisingly easy. Of course there where a few km's that weren't totally free of snow, but most of the paths was clean enough to do at least 25km/h. After 1:50 hour I was welcomed by a surprised mr. Nazca. I was right on time and even managed to ride through to 15cm of snow on the the Nazca parking place. Just a matter of building up a lot of speed before diving into the snow.

It was long day and I went home at 9pm. But not before I enjoyed a good mail and a cup of thee. Not only the engine of Yavixa got new fuel, also the LiPo battery had been charged to ensure plenty of light on the way home. Now imagine a quiet snowy scenery with farm houses, christmas lights, little traffic and a clean cyclepath, how great would that be? Excellent I can tell you. I was all warm and cozy in my VM. Outside it was -7 degrees celcius, inside a had the radio on. There was some slush on the road, but still I averaged 24km/h. My back wheel spun a few times and I had a little bit of oversteer in some corners. In short, a great ride :)


  1. Peter, what surprised me again today is how much deeper the snow gets just a little further North. Groningen's snow is deeper than Assen's. We went to Garsthuizen today, and while I didn't measure it, I'd say there was probably still over 25 cm in front of the Sinner building.

  2. An they even had more snow in Friesland, up to 40cm!
    btw, thanks for the 1st comment on my new blog!