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3 Jan 2010

3 velomobiles, the snow and a rabbit

We have snow for the 2nd time this winter. It took whole Saturday to build up the 12cm layer there still is. Thanks to a lot of hard working men (and maybe a few women) the roads where good enough to try and see if the Huneliggers (local recumbent group) could do the weekly social ride.

And we did! An easy 70km ride in a snowy scenery.
The ride started with 2 of us, David Hembrow and I. He lives only a few blocks away from me. Together we rode to nearby town of Tynaarlo where we teamed up with the 3th velomobile rider, Anton in his Quest. We were expecting a 4th rider, but he was still in bed. Keeping a steady and responsible pace our group of 3 easily made it to his home. The coffee was warm and the honey cake tasted good.

They had a rabbit hopping through the living room. A cuddly happy little animal that knows how to use a litter box.

After a while it was time to head home again. Not via a direct route of course. We tried something scenic via Norg. Somewhere near Roden we where stared at by some sheep. We parked our VM's and stared back with our cameras.

Having some energy left we did the last part of the ride with a speed that asked for a good rider. Under these conditions, more than 30km/h does that. The slushy snow allowed to kick out the tail every now and then. Yup, I refuse to grow up :)

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