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13 Jan 2010

Gabrielle Cilmi confuses me

Last December I walked to the city centre to buy a light bulb. I came home with 2 Cd's. One of them was ms. Cilmi's first album 'Lessons to be learned. (I bought the bulb 3 days later)I'm a cheapskate, so I bought it when it was on sale. This album has some great tracks whit a very special sound. Most important ingredient is Gab's voice. It makes a fabulous combination with the jazzy (?) nostalgic (?) , eh, her style of music. Her band always was an important part of that music. Check out some youtube videos and you'll see and hear what I mean. What more could come from this unique singer? It was hard to believe that this voice we heard in her debut single 'Sweet about me' was only 16 years old. When I saw a photo of her, a couple of weeks after I first heard her, I decided that I'd like her because of her voice. That was a rational decision, I set aside the natural ideas I should have had. That was 2 years ago.

Then the news came that she was working on a new album!
Now, to be realistic, things change, styles develop, girls grow up. I'd expected something new, but something in it I'd recognize.

Well, I did recognize her in the new publicity photo's. But she'd lost something. She now was wearing less fabric than I'd wear when racing Yavixa in +30 degrees celcius, with race hood on. Is that wrong? Of course not. Does she has to? Well, I already told about my decision. Music isn't about looks, it's about a sound coming from a speaker that's creates an atmosphere, a feeling or tells a story. Now I had a singer which draw my attention in 2 ways. Music and looks. I used to be able to focus on the music, she used to wear 'normal clothing'. This however would become too much for me. Too much input. How could I take time to listen to a funky baseline if that would remind me of a half naked 18yo?

Once again, everything seems to turn out just fine. The first single of the new album, which is launched in March, doesn't appeal to me at all. The band is gone, the catchy sound has vanished, her amazing vocal capabilities are used way less. She is making ordinary pop music with a nearby expire date. Maybe, maybe I just have to get used to it, or grown in to it.That's okay, if she likes it that way. There's plenty of music to listen to. And I can always put on the first album.

I do hope that the rest of the album is somewhat, in one way or another, maybe even distant, related to the debut album. Than it would be a enrichment to the world of music. The Gab's I know now is nice in a videoclip, but I'm more a radio guy. (well, maybe with a poster on the wall)

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