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1 Jan 2010

a Grave

This evening I had one of my many night rides. My new tyres, 47mm Moiree, do very well and I didn't notice it was -7 degrees Celsius.

I decided to have a look at the hunebed near Loon. A hunebed is what remains of an ancient grave, made from large rocks. They're about 5000 years old and we have about 50 of them in our lovely little province.

The road leading to the hunebed leads to a remote area, and isn't gritted or ploughed. I got there without anything happening and made a few photos.

My ride back to the main road did have a small surprise for me. When I wasn't paying attention for just a second, my rear wheel lost grip and started to overtake the front wheels. A clear case of oversteer. I braked, leaned to the left and was now facing to wrong direction. But how to do a u-turn on a road that's hardly 4 meters wide. And I also had those big fat tyres, increasing my turning radius. Don't worry, there an easy way of doing this when there's ice on the road. Speed up, turn left, suddenly pedal very hard and there you go. You just did a human power 180 degrees power slide.

Back home after 23km. I had hot chocolate and watch this great video on youtube. Just hit 'play' and enjoy.

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