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6 Jan 2010

Little bright lights

Lately I've been spending some time on making little ad-on lights for bikes and velomobiles. There's been one on my Mango velomobile for about 1.5 years now and it seems to do good. The idea behind it is to have a bright spot at reasonable height. The same height as a 'normal' bike light would be. It's also great for using at dusk or dawn. Than you don't need big headlights to see the road, you just want something to be seen. These little lights seem to do their job well and use a tiny amount of energy. My first light used 2 big LED's, but technology has improved. One LED is bright enough.

The black one I made today is more advanced. Not only will it work on the battery of your velomobile (6-12V) it will also be a great addition to a dynamo powered headlight. You could mount it on your handlebars for instance and aim it straight forward. And now comes the best part, it will keep shining for 3 minutes or so when you're waiting to cross a junction.

I like making little things in my workshop, or at my desk. Problem is that I'll quickly run out of bikes to mount my little lights on. So I've you'd like to have a unique 'velomobile attention light' or a 'dynamo ad-on light' or if you've got a special request, contact me.

The velomobile attention light will cost €5,50 and can be mounted using your rear view mirror. Then you'll have to connect it to you VM's electrical circuit.

I've got photo's of my homemade accessories here.


  1. very interesting face shield; what kind is it and where can i get one

  2. It's a E-koi Urbain + helmet. I did ad a 3mm bolt to the visor hinges to make that stronger.