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4 Jan 2010

Mom's 24" Nazca Gaucho

Here we have a system that an employer can subsidies an employees new bike. It comes with rules, has something to do with tax and is limited to €749. Not enough to buy a new 'bent, but it's a beginning.

Since my mom last used this system, 3 years had gone by. She then bought a Nazca Cruiser. As time went by, she tried other 'bents during different test ride events. A 26" Gaucho was a little to high, but then a blue 24" version came to our little city of Assen. She liked it, could ride it and even the colour was right. This would be her next bike. To be honest, it had to be a Nazca. I work there a whole day a week :-)

Just to be sure about everything, we arranged a test ride at 'Nazca headquarter' in the nearby town of Nijeveen. We did that late November 2009. I'd figured out the option she'd want and explained her why. She not technical at all, she just wants a very good bike. This is what we came up with:

-heavenly blue Nazca Gaucho 24"
-3x9 Sram dual drive (shift in stand still)
-Avid bb7 brakes (easy to maintain, reliable)
-Shimano hub dynamo with B&M 60 lux Cio head light (a commuters best friend)
-47mm Schwalbe Marathons (strong and comfy)
-Sram x7 shifting. (easy for small hands!)

We collected the new member of our steed of 'bents on the 29th of December. Sadly though, we had lots of snow since. The white is a pretty sight, but a nice surface to start riding your brand new recumbent. Not to mention the salt. She'll have to wait a little longer for the first real ride. However, she could really feel the difference on her 11km ride home. (Nazca, ride, train, ride, home)

More photo in a picasa album.

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