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26 Jan 2010

Mr Blue Sky, the army and a silver heron

We've had grey and dark weather for almost two weeks. Yesterday evening, after the eight o'clock news, the weather man said that the sun would be shining today. And even though the temperature would be way below zero, I'd be riding on 2 wheels. Yavixa had her share during the past months, Yivalté had just been out on the velodrome, so Lobbes the Pioneer would have the honour today. Not for a long intensive ride, just a bit over cruising, to enjoy the scenery and maybe stop for a nice photo a long the way.

And so I did. The roads weren't totally clean, so I 'd made the right decision to leave my racy Fuego at home. My initial plan was to go to the Fochteloerveen, but I changed my mind. I went for a more compact ride around the heathland. There where small patches of old snow on the roads her and there, so I had to be careful.

I did make one mistake in the beginning, I looked at my speedo and thought what Yivalté's speedo would indicate.... Well, Kevlar Big Apples and a internal geared hub give a reliable and significantly slower bike. The hub is there to stay, it's so convenient, but there's quite a chance that there soon will be a pair of Kojaks on this Nazca. Rolls  better, and lowers the total weight from 21 to 20kg. Apart from the speed issue, I really like this bike. I can optimize him, and everything else, (comfort, light, practicality, manoeuvrability) already is good.  

I gave some sheep a little extra exercise, passed the Lancaster monument and made a nice photo after I'd left the asphalt.

The ride went on, across the bicycle viaduct over the highway A28 in Hooghalen. The military proofing grounds I than visited are a special place to ride through. They're closed for all civil motorized vehicles and you can spot deer if your lucky. Ow, and there's a slight chance of seeing a large green vehicle with guns and ammo. I only saw one ore two Mercedes G class. I like it there, it'll be in another group ride I'll be organizing later this year.

Just before I rode back into the civil world, I spotted a silver heron. It was a good thing I had my camera ready to quickly make a picture, before it took of to the blue sky. I was home again after after 33km, warmed up my hands again and had a cup of thee.

If you're done reading and watching the photos, click 'play' and enjoy this great song  by ELO from 1978.

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