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10 Jan 2010

My Ekoi urbain+ helmet. (up-dated)

I'm using an Ekoi urbain+ helmet when I ride Yavixa. It's been protecting my head now for about 2 months from cold wind and rain. The thing I like about it the most is the 'fighter pilot look' it creates when combined with the foam cover of my Mango velomobile. I use a soft cloth to wipe rain off the visor. The visor is so wide that it also shields the rest of my head from the cold. A feature I really appreciated last Friday when the wind chill really kicked in during my 84km round trip commute. The visor goes from 'clear' to 'smoked' gradually. The lower part, through which we recumbent riders look, is clear enough for night riding.

There's a flat knob on the back to easily adjust the helmet. Above that there's a button cell powered blinky light. Good enough as an emergency back up. As you can see in the photos the ventilation has a summer and winter setting. That middle part has a leather look, the rest is carbon look or black 'helmet foam'.

I always keep my head straight up. Wind would creep up behind he visor if you ride with your head tilted backwards. Once every few weeks I use an 'anti fog cloth' to rub in the inside of the visor.

Of course I did personalize my urbain+. I replaced a tiny little screw that hold the visor because it broke. The 3mm allen bolt now used makes the whole pivoting point a lot stronger.

I wrapped a piece of soft foam around the helmet straps to keep more wind away from my ears. The visor already reduces the wind noise, but I like it close to silent. (apart from the radio)

Last things I added where 2 thin lines of black reflection tape from 3M, on the top edge of the visor. Not really a safety feature, they're to small for that, just a little detail to stand out from the rest.

This is the French website where I bought the helmet. The helmet came with a soft pouch to store the helmet in. Except from the silly little screws that I could easily replace with a 3mm bolt, (drilled a 3mm hole for that) this helmet is something I'd recommend.

After 1 year of use...
I still like it. By now this helmet must have been on my head during 10,000 kilometres or so. The last 2400km with Jenease. Once every while I use 'Rain X' on the face shield. That makes it easy to wipe of raindrops. I keep an micro fibre cloth within reach on rainy days. For the incidental short shower, a wiping index finger will do. 

There are a few minor scratches on the shield, those are so tiny, that I cant see them when the helmet is on my head. All the parts that 'click' and adjust show no signs of wear. The ventilation is good enough, even during a race like R├╝tenbrock. Now that the weather is getting colder and wetter, the mid section is closed again with the fake leather strip.

Again the conclusion is: I recommend this product.

You can see me wearing the helmet around 1:53 in this interesting video I made in October 2009.


  1. This was the helmet I actually wanted to get for myself. I tried in vain to find a North American dealer who carried them. I would have ordered from the French site and had actually commuticated to them via email to ask about ordering and shipping costs. It was the shipping cost to Canada that put me off which would have made the total cost a little higher than I was willing to pay for a helmet. I ended up getting a Lazer Urbanize helmet which I really like but still would preferred the Ekoi. Great review.

  2. Thanks for the info on your helmet. I've also don't want to pay for shipping to the States, but I'll be in Deutschland for an extended visit in May/June and will buy one there. ct

  3. Hi, I have two of these helmets, the first one its visor-connection to the helmet broke straight away. I contacted Ekoi producers in France and they where so kind to send a second helmet for free. Unfortunately that visor connection broke after an hour or so, so I doubt the quality of these helmets, after all they need to protect our most valuable asset, our head, fr gr Monique

  4. @ligfiets
    One of the first things I noticed was the difference in material between the little black visor (like on almost every helmet) and the face shield. To me the helmet looks, feels and is well made, except for the face shield. I did a little 'hack' on the face shield to solve a broken pivot point. (there a post about that in March)
    Tests have shown that there's almost no difference when it comes to protection between cheap and expensive helmets. Compared to many other helmets, this one is on the cheap side, only €29 without the face shield.

    * Always at hand thanks to the ingenious parking position on the bicycle helmet
    * Individually adjustable positioning for different helmets
    * Exposed nose, thanks to the tail cut (This significantly reduces fogging by respiration)
    * Timeless design
    * Ideal for eyeglass wearers and recumbent riders