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30 Jan 2010

My new onboard camera

I've already made a lot of recumbent videos. Mostly shot with a compact photo camera. Recently I added the very cheap micro sized md-80. Ideal because I could mount it everywhere, that's why I'll keep using it. It did however, not like low light situations. What it did in the Apeldoorn Velodrome was at it's limits. The Sloten track, up for Febrary 21, is a lot darker. And I had more reasons to do some research on on-board cameras.

You may know that I'm a cheapskate, I wouldn't buy something for just one event. But I thought that, with all the filming I do, a real on-board camera was justified. So I surfed the web, visited E-bay, googled, compared, went to You-Tube, googled and compared a bit more and came up with the 'Drift Innovation X170'.

The '170' stands for the angle of view. So wide it gives a good perspective of your actual speed. 'X' is probably something that sounds cool. It has a little lcd screen, runs on (rechargeable) AA batteries, came with a remote, has enough pixels and looked very durable. Al this was mine for only €200,-.

Today I mounted it on Yavixa. Now I didn't feel like sticking Velcro on her smooth white body, so I modified on of my light brackets. That gives the camera a stable mount and is multi-functional. The camera came with a handle bar bracket, so I can clamp it around anything round.


  1. Nice new camera! And great music once again...

  2. I see a little bit of the image warping that happens with the ATC2K (and might be exacerbated here by the 170 degree angle), but the overall exposure and frame rate is really nice.