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19 Jan 2010

Nazca Cruiser ready for thousands of new kilometres

Last December we picked up my mom's new 'bent, a Gaucho 24". The Gaucho is a replacement, not an addition. So that's why I spend time on cleaning the previous Nazca, a Cruiser from 2006. Used for commuting and touring, well maintained and equipped with 3x8 Sram dual drive. You may send me an e-mail if you'd like to know more about this night blue machine.

No shipping, only in person. Shipping a bike is a specialist job.


  1. hoi

    ik heb net zo een, maar dan in het groen. rij er sins maart 2008 mee... egt een godelijke fiets!!!

    groet marcel beekmans

  2. Hello ...
    Are you selling the bike?

  3. can be commented on their technical characteristics?, that size would be?. Price, and potential return to Spain, and low shipping price?

  4. It has 3x8 Sram dual drive, front and rear suspension, marathon racer tires, fits riders from 1,65 to 1,85?,

    But since I have no experience with shipping bikes to Spain, you might try the occasions at the Nazca website. A bike is to precious to ship by 'normal parcel mail', sorry. I'd love to help you, but it seems to complicated and risky to ship a whole bike. I'm not worried about payment, but a lot can go wrong between here and Spain. That's why I let this to the professionals ;-)

    Nazca knows how to ship bikes all over the world. There's a yellow Cruiser for about the same price as I'd like for this one.