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14 Jan 2010

Nothern Velomobile ride 2010, route inspection

This is the route I will be riding next Sunday, together with about 15 other velonauts. Today I checked the entire 60km route for ride ability. It became clear that the snow wasn't going to give any real problems. I had to get out of Yavixa only once. There was to much snow on the edge of an intersection to ride through. The photo below shows the spot in the route with the most snow. Most of the our ride will be on black or grey-ish tarmac. Let's hope the temperature stays below zero C to keep the scenery white and wintery!

Few tings left to do Saterday: create parking space, make soup, (mom) arrange chairs and maybe some minor details. I'm looking forward.


  1. Different riding situations, but I gotta say that I'm real hesitant to take my white Quest out in the snow. Just don't feel very visible. But then, I've got _cars_ to deal with over here across the pond.

  2. It all just looks so amazingly... Canadian!

  3. The next 24 hours will be interesting. I'm about to travel by train to a concert. It'll be way past midnight when I get home again.

    The next morning will start with welcoming almost 20 velonauts and guiding them through a, hopefully, white and not grey-ish landscape. The temperature is just above freezing point...

  4. This is an amazing gathering. I live in sunny California, yet still have the strange desire to drive these vehicles. I wish you a victorious engagement with your fellow velonauts.

    As always we will be anticipating pictures and reports.

    Daniel Runyan