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11 Jan 2010

Technical things

Yesterday it was time to lube some parts of Yavixa's drum brakes. The point between the brake blocks and the little axle that pushes them outwards needed grease. I also applied some WD-40 and thin oil on the pivotting point at the back of the brake. The brakes do feel a liitle better again. But I still need to change the cable routing. The cable-tie on the suspension unit will be changed so that the brake cable has more room to move. Drum brakes are highly affected by the route of their cables.

up-date: I've changed the cable-tie set-up. The original cable-tie now holds 2 small cable-tie loops through which the brake cable can move. The cable now only makes long sweeping bends. The brake lever feels much better now.

Another thing I had to do was change the cassette on Yivalté's rear wheel. There's nothing really wrong with the current 26-12 cassette, but I'll be doing a velodrome race on Januray 24. The '12' on the back just isn't enough for the top speed I'll be doing. My cadance gets really high above 50km/h and it would be nice to have a gear left for the those laps of 55+. So that's why I got myself a 21-11 Sram R9 cassette of the Nazca shelfs. A 53-21 is impossibly high for a normal 1st gear, so I'll have to swap it to get a nice road machine again.

If you've seen my '2009 in a few lines' you'll know that I had a little crash in August. On of the dameged parts was my front Stelvio. It still did well for another 1000km or so, but now it's time for a new one. The damage to the side skin seems to severe to withstand a velodrome race. The idea of having a blow-out when I'm doing 50km/h whilst overtaking a group a slower riders is scary. I'll replace it after next Friday by another Stelvio.

Slower riders? Am I that fast? No, not really. My goal is to be the fastest of the 'slow' group. Based on the individual 200 metre times the 20 or so riders are divided in 2 groups. Each group does it's own criterium. In a good velodrome like the one in Apeldoorn the fast group averages 50km/h. The mayority of the slow group does something around 43,5. I'm hoping for a 46km/h average.

With my previous Fuego that would have meant that I'd need about 20 watts more. Yivalté however feels a lot faster. She has better components, an improved chain line and weighs less. But her seat angle is less reclined. That said, I've become stronger. Let's wait and see what I can do in the velodrome...

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