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6 Jan 2010

A very short ride

It's minus 4 degrees celcius, the wind is a cold north eastern and I need to deliver an envelope. Normal cyclist would dress up warm with a scarf, gloves, a warm cap and a winter jacket. I of course had a different method.

Wearing a very tiny thin scarf, a pear of jeans and a fleece sweater I hopped in to Yavixa and hit the icy road. The road was clean a hundred meter further down my route. But still I liked the save feeling of having 3 wheels. The destination was reached within 3 minutes, the entire task took close to ten. Three kilometer may be a bit short to drag my velomobile out the back yard and through the narrow gate, but I don't care. I like the luxery, and it's still makes me smile.

Ow, and naturally I was wearing my helmet with visor to keep my eyes from freezing.


  1. Very interesting blog.

    From Spain, Europe, a fan of bikes and Velomobile Nazca.

    Greetings and luck on the road!

  2. Thanks,

    Nice to read that you like velomobiles and my Nazca's.

  3. I enjoy your blog. Can you tell us about your helmet with the integrated visor? I ride in northern Utah where it's seriously cold. My eyes tear up sometimes so I can't even see properly.

    many thanks, ct

  4. @ Christopher T. Terry