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2 Feb 2010

2628 Racer and crash pants.

I just received an e-mail from a reader. An important reader, because he knows a thing or two about fast recumbents. The racer I designed wouldn't have little turning capabilities, it would have no turning capabilities. And I need at least a the 'agility' of a Quest to ride on the road. So, I thought up a design change. I walked up the stairs again after I finished my desert (instant strawberry pudding) and draw a new one. Luckily I could copy most bits, and still use the aero features I'd figured out. The racer on paper now had a 559 wheel, with more clearance. Still not a bike to take down town, but nimble enough to ride on our wonderful wide cycle paths and, more important, race tracks. It does mean I have to shorten the donor fork, and find a smaller front wheel.

Not making this structural change would resolve in actually using the safety of my recently purchased crash pants. When you touch the tarmac on a 'bent, most common wounds are scratched hips, upper legs and elbows. Sort of what I had last year in August. Not that I crash often, but it really hurts afterwards. I decided to take some simple safety precautions. Since 'Apeldoorn' I'm using a pair of crash pants and elbow protectors. I bought them at a web shop for in-line skaters. Naturally, a modification was needed. The tail bone protector plate had to go for obvious reason. With that part removed I now had a comfortable pair of shorts, that looks like it work when my tyres loose contact with the surface I should be riding on.

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