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5 Feb 2010

The downside of winter

Yeah, I've got a velomobile. A lovely machine for everything a cycle based life form could wish for. But if you just want to go for a ride, two wheels is just more fun. Don't get me wrong, I like riding my Mango. I can throw her through the corners like a little racer, or easily pedal myself over long distances. The radio is great, the low maintenance thing is a dream come true. A VM protects when I'm not feeling so well or when the weather is like it is now.

But when the roads are clean, the temperatures have gone up and especially when the sun is shining, 2 wheels give more fun. Dive in to the corners, accelerate like a flea and feel the wind and the sun. Feel what the tyres do, attack the corners and line 'em up into long sweeping bents.

For the last 2 months, there was none of that. The cold isn't the biggest problem, it's the slush on the road and the sometimes complete absence of grip. You see? I still like the velomobile, I really do. But I long for the time we call Spring.

Last September I made the following video. It was before I started my little 'Friday job' at Nazca. I was there to buy some parts, or something like that, and was offered a test ride on the 2x28" Mont Ventoux. A high racer with the same sort of wheels you'd find in a diamond frame bike. It may look kinda high, but it suits me, and I'm only 1.74 metre tall.

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