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11 Feb 2010

An evening trip with Yavixa

I was reading a post on the forum and felt like going for a ride. The ride turned out twice as long as planned and ended with a visit to my first school. It was open yesterday evening because it'll be towed down next month. They'd invited a couple of people, but I just happened to be around. It was nice to talk with teachers and to walk through the building. To see where I went to school from my 4th till my 12th. I made a few photo for my 'archive'.

During my 20km ride in and around a snowy city of Assen I had the camera recording. I went to places with a lot of lights, because there's no 'night mode' on my X170. In the end, it turned out rather well. The scenes I like the best are the two 180 degree slides I did in the school yard of  'de Lichtbaak'. It became quite a psychedelic video.

You'll see a velomobile making strange manoeuvres and brightly coloured lights in strange shapes passing by. And you'll think that it isn't really happening . But I also saw it, I really did. It's all true.

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