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28 Feb 2010

Inside my PDA

Remember how my pocket PC guided me through a dark and wet Naarden? Well, it almost was the last thing the little gadget ever did. There was water visible in the screen when the device was turned of. You couldn't see it with the device turned on, than the backlight would camouflage the moisture. That's why it had taken me some time to discover this problem. I had to do something.

I took a mini screwdriver and opened it. At first sight, that didn't reveal the problem. So I disassembled further until I had the entire casing removed. It turned out I could peel a thin sheet of plastic from the LCD screen. That flimsy thing had miniature wiring around the edges, so that most be the 'touch' part of the touch screen. It was between those two things that I could remove the moisture. I double checked it, removed some more and repeated this sequence 2 more times.

Now I could click and screw my navigation sidekick back together again. I'd kept the micro screws on a little magnet.


  1. Er, naturally. That's how I do things. (most of the time)

  2. @ jonbendtsen
    I first thought your message was spam, but that's a very interesting website. It shows special pda and alike cases.

  3. yeah, it was pretty short.