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26 Feb 2010

Oops, I did it again...

Nope, this is not about a teen singer in a to tight red latex suit, it's about me. Me, who bought another recumbent from the web. There is some red in this story, the bike has red sub frames. I'd agreed on picking it up last Sunday. That would suit me best. Than I'd be on my way home from Amsterdam where I'd been racing in the velodrome.

It was raining when I stepped on to the platform at the railway station of Naarden. I didn't see a thing and I could only find the right address with the help of my PDA. My glasses fogged up, my hands where cold and yet,  I'd only walked/cycled 900 metres to get to the house where I had to be.

The deal was quickly made. The bike looked way better than I'd imagined. Yes it looked cheap, used and a scratched, but it had air in the tyres and no parts where missing. I paid and wanted to get back to the warm train as soon as possible. Sitting on my just bought Oke-ja and rolling Yivalté beside me the station was not as far as it felt like the other way around. The weather still was crap, and the next challenge was not far ahead.

It's not easy to walk around a train station with all that luggage. A combination of: Yivalté on my shoulder and rolling the Oké-ja, taking one bike at a time at stairs, and with a little help from other passengers got my from train to train. A friendly grey haired man dragged the OK up the escalator. I tolled him dropping that one would be such a terrible thing. At the same moment I thought: 'I'd better carry the Fuego myself, it's costs 20 times more'. Train conductors where suprised when I handed them two bicycle tickets. Funny thing is that there's no restriction on the number of bicycles you may carry on board a train. Just as long as you do it outside peak hours and do not block any exits.

The train was about to stop for the station of Assen when I thought that I was almost there. But just when I thought I had it all, I noticed the fresh snow. The OK handled the snow without any real problems. Within three hours after buying it, the little thing had proven itself to be a loyal companion. I was now pushing my precious race 'bent through the snow and kept a steady pace of about 10km/h. I felt a little dizzy and even managed to ride with the Fuego on my shoulder. That however felt a little silly to do. I was home just before 10:30pm, time for pizza.


  1. So what's the plan with the Oke-Ja, Peter ?

    I think yours has a fully enclosed chain and 4 speed nexus hub gears. It'll be good for use in any weather. Judy's (slightly visible here) had seven speed derailleur gears with an exposed chain.

  2. It meant for general purpose. My parents may ride it for the longer rides in Assen and I could use it for shopping. Other possibility is to let newbie 'bent riders have a go. And I'll ride when it's slippery because it does very well in the snow.