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3 Feb 2010

Secondary freewheel and Mango Sport

This morning I went to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen (Recumbent garage) to replace my secondary freewheel. Something had gone wrong inside the Shimano BMX bike part and it had stopped freewheeling after about 23,000 kilometre. Luckily I know a few things about velomobiles and bicycle technique so I could change it myself. Well, with a little technical support from H@rry.

After the rear wheel was in back in place I focused my attention on the left front wheel. I moved it millimetre forward it and made sure Yavixa still had properly aligned front wheels. There was 3 millimetre of toe in. (I'd hit a curb I guess) That's not that bad, but it good be better, so I also took care of that.

Final job for now was to make a short video showing the Mango Sport. We rolled and lifted (it really light!) it out and I did my filming. The result is embedded below.

I also made some nice material on the way to Groningen with my Drift x170. That'll be edited and up-loaded in the coming weekend. Expect quite a long white ride seen from Yavixa's engine hood.

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