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24 Feb 2010

Sloten velodrome race and 2 videos

Sunday morning, 7:40am, I'm on my way to the railway station. The roads are wet, so I'm on foot with Yivalté rolling beside me. Last thing I want is a bike covered in slush when I've got a race to ride. After a train ride of two and a half hours (yawn!) I only have to walk or ride very slowly for 4 kilometres to get to the velodrome.

First thing I see when I enter the building is this homebuilt velomobile. This is version 1.5 and it's halfway a serious makeover. It's technically based on Quest components and is built by man known on the forum as 'LongJohn'. It may look small, but is suits the 2 metre tall velonaut.

This event starts with a 4 kilometre pursuit. I forgot my strategy within 2 metres from the start and am circling the track with almost 49km/h. Unfortunately I have to stop after 5 laps because there's something wrong with the timekeeping.

Ten minutes later, my second attempt. My technical advisor on the carbon racer project and loyal supporter of numerous racers yells at me to stay low. I think I did quite well at that. I'll mount the Drift X170 on my rear fork next race to see if I really do manage to follow the black line. Higher up on the track means more distance and more elevation in the corners. It's not easy to compensate for the g-forces. This could be one of the problems with riding a heavier bike like mine. Anyhow, I lap my opponent and ring my bell when I overtake her. I'm probably the only rider with a bell on his bike...

And finally, I managed to do a proper start at a criterium. I quickly nestled myself in the leading group. We even started to ride as a group. Each having our turn at leading the pack. It seem like 2 riders had agreed upon something. And when Emmy had some serious chain management problems I was one my own. I was hoping to do the same as in Apeldoorn and to work together to defeat the other 2, or at least, to stay close. With her exiting the race I could forget that plan. Number one was unreachable for me, but number three was lapped.

Strange thing was that my legs seem to be missing some power. Most of the times my lungs are the problem. Was the problem the wrong sports drink? Did the anti-snore thingy on my nose work so good that the oxygen problem was solved? Or did I push to hard on my way home from work on Friday? My heart rate was high enough and I'd had enough fuel. Second in the turtle group did give me a place at the podium and two bulbs. The winner received a large plant.

During my race I was riding with my on-board camera. This is my first video made with the new software, a full package from AVS.

I used the race of the hares to talk about my plans for the carbon racer with Thomas. The design has potential, but it does need some changes. I learned new techniques and will return to the drawing board this week. Building should start not long from now, as soon the temperatures are up a bit and I've had some monthly cash flow.

I mounted my Drift X170 camera onto Niels' (thanks!) rear fork after I raced in the turtle group criterium. He'd be racing with the hares, that the faster group. Bike is a M5 Nadir L'espada. The 'weight' of the camera didn't seem to slow him down, he finished 2nd a couple of laps behind the Quest with race hood.

It took a while to get home afterwards because I had to pick up a bike a bought on-line in Naarden. More about that later this week. Yivalté received 'thumbs up' from an Italian couple and a Australian guy at Schiphol when I was waiting for the next train. 'Nice bike mate!'

1 comment:

  1. Gave videobeelden Peter! En dan -nu pas- te weten dat ik ooit met m'n tentje voor die van 'Pjotr' heb gestaan!
    Ik vroeg in Sloten zelfs aan de Duitse deelnemer of hij toevallig 'Pjotr' heette...Ah, silly me!