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7 Feb 2010

A social ride and a Mango on fire

It had been a while since the Huneliggers had their last ride. We could ride to get from A to B, but riding a scenic route was a different thing. All the small back roads we tend to ride on where covered with snow, ice or a mixture of those. Today however, we had a good reason to get together. On of us had just received his first velomobile, a Sinner Mango +. He now has 2 recumbents, the other one being a green Nazca Fuego. We'd been talking about the design for months, and than he decided not to go for a white, but a black one. That meant back to his drawing board for a new look.

He came up with a spectacular full colour print. This morning my dad and I rode to our meeting point in Tynaarlo. There was a total of 7 velomobiles, a Quest, a FAW, and 5 Mango's. We had coffee, chatted about bikes, broken legs and dogs.

It was time to get going again after half an hour or so. The weather had cleared up a bit when we headed east. Two riders took a different route, the remaining 5 continued as a group. We made our way over the last remains from what was left of a thick layer of snow. Here and there the only way to stop you from getting stuck was to charge the icy obstacles with speed, or less brusque, with a little help from another rider.

It was under a blue sky when 3 horses came running towards us when we stopped to take some photos from the wintry scenery. Most horses freak out when they see a recumbent, and especially when they see a velomobile. This was breed was a whole lot braver. Or maybe just curious? They where probably just happy to see someone and wanted some attention. Within in few days someone will have uploaded a video of this meeting.

up-date 2 video's with the 'Velox Incendia' and with the horses : Wifred's video, 7:13 and David's video, 10:14

The quintet of velonauts continued their journey. We had great fun when we rode through a 'tunnel' of arms from a group of pedestrians. Just before the group fell apart, 3 went to Assen and 2 to Groningen, we ate some sandwiches besides a quiet road. I sat in the wind shadow of Yavixa, with my back against her left wheel arch. The last part of the ride went at quite a higher pace, partly because that's fun, partly because we'd become a little cold during our roadside lunch.


  1. Peter - We ran a copy of that photo of Wilfred's Velox Incendia and I am pretty sure it has garnered the most attention , the fastest, of any picture we've ever run... people love it!

  2. Hi Rob,

    I could see a similar thing happening in my blog's statistics. This post has become my most viewed post in only two days time.
    Thanks for mentioning it on the recumbentblog!