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20 Feb 2010

Velodrome race Sloten, one day to go....

Yesterday was a productive day at work. I had three bike for France, one for Finland, one for Germany and one demo bike for ourself. The lack of sleep didn't give any problems. And besides that, I was happy that I saw Nesbitt win gold the evening before. And yes, I also had sympathy for Gerritsen becoming second on the 1000 metre after her fall during the 500 metre speed skating.

The ride back home was pretty fast. It was 12 degrees C warmer than last week and that had quite an effect on my performance. Yavixa also felt better'smoother/faster and cornering wasn't limited by lack of grip or piles of snow. It all added up to a time 10 minutes faster than what is normal.

And now it's a matter of taking it easy to be in good shape for tomorrow. Yes! It's time for another day at a velodrome. And despite the fact that this race is at the Sloten track, I'm realy looking forward to this event. The track may be narrow, dark and in not such a good state, it's still a race.

Yivalté is ready and I even have a strategy! First race of the day is the 4 kilometre time trial. That should take about 5:20 to do. So the idea is to do the first 2 minutes in a medium pace, the next 2 minutes at quite a speed and the last minute or so as fast as I can. If all goes well, a 45.5km/h average is within reach. That being 1km faster than last year.

The idea for the 45 minute criterium is similar to the previous race in Apeldoorn. Only this time I will look in my mirror to shed of people who are slipstreaming a little to long. In Apeldoorn a rider on a Rapto followed me for almost the entire race. And I can do better than that! If got a much better bike, and am more experienced. Quickly accelerating to 50k+ should be enough.I may be a little short on air every now and than, but my sprinting capabilities are amongst the better.

Interesting for you, the viewer and reader of this blog, is that I've mounted my Drift X170 camera so that it gives an excellent view of my ride. It sits just above my right shoulder. You can see me shifting, watch the engines, read the speedo, and still see the track as I see it.


  1. ga jij racen morgen??? woord veel sneeuw en regen verwacht... net even gekeken op 24 uurs verwachting... had een tochie staan voor morgen... maar even rondje gebeld om af te zeggen... iig veel succes morgen

    groet marcel,

  2. 't is binnen hoor ;-) 200 meter baan

  3. Good luck tomorrow. I'm enjoying a weekend with my parents, so I can't come watch (or better yet, ride myself). Btw. I just finished cleaning and polishing my velomobile Velox Incendia (with Blue Morgan's Mud Off and Polish). He (my VM) has such a reflective finish now that I see myself in the black body. Nice!