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15 Feb 2010

Velonauts on ice and pancakes.

For the second consecutive year I rode on a lake with Yavixa. This time it was on the 'Zuidlaardermeer', a lake at about 20 kilometre from my hometown. I wasn't alone this time, I was with Wilfred and his Velox Incendia. We lifted our Mango's on the ice via a pontoon. There was at least 4 centimetre of snow on the ice, so we didn't go fast at all. Except for the part where someone had cleared a path. I could do almost 40 on that clean part. Us two velonauts easily peddled ourself around for a couple of kilometres. We watched hundreds of skaters passing by and I drunk a cup of hot chocolate which you could buy from a little stand somewhere on the lake. A fellow velonaut came by, this time on his skates, accompanied by his nice daughter. In some sort of way, it did feel like we where drawing attention. Another skater remembered seeing a velomobile that looked a lot like Yavixa near Zwolle. I tolled him that I couldn't imagine another person riding around in VM with a design like mine, so it probably was me. That Zwolle is a city more than 70 kilometre from Assen did seem to confuse him.

After we'd had a few sandwiches for lunch we did some more fooling around on a part of the lake without skaters on it. A dozen of 180-ties, long drifts and some fishtailing must have made us look like a couple of kids with expensive toys, but fun we had.

Talking about lunch, food is an important part of my life. I burn a lot of energy and often feel a little hungry. Now the fact is that 'we Dutch' mostly eat bread for breakfast and lunch. When I was in Canada, a 3 week vacation in '08, I often had something hearty like pancakes or doughnuts. My digestive system was finally satisfied. This morning I was surfing the web for recipes for what I revered to as 'Canadian pancakes'. It turned out that, that is how those delicious things are called on the other side of the ocean. Today I had my first try at mixing the basic ingrediƫnts. An egg, milk, and flour. My creation lacked to important ingredient backing powder, but this already was tasty. I mixed half a table spoon of syrup through the batter which made it delicious.

So next thing to do within a couple of days is mix in the baking powder and making sure the batter becomes one smooth mass. My cooking is based on this recipe but I'll scale it down to one portion and ad the syrup. I did already read that the batter becomes better when you put it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Back to the velonautic adventures on ice. Wilfred made nice photo's and a entertaining movie about it. I only made the photo you saw earlier in this post. I made this video last year and on a little lake near Assen.


  1. leuk verhaal kerel:D toch wel handig google vertaling:D

    je maakt leuke verhalen!

    groetjes marcel

  2. Thanks,