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1 Mar 2010

The Flevobike Oké-ja brought back to live

After I'd given the sub-frames two new layers of red paint and I'd removed rust from several places it was time to reassemble this little long wheel base recumbent. I spend most of my Saturday building it up and twitching the details. It all paid of, it now is and looks way better than when I bought it. Most of the bike's parts stayed the same, but I did change a couple of things.

  • I swapped the narrow rear tyre for a 50mm Big Apple, and mounted a really big mudguard.
  • The front tyre was replaced by something better looking.
  • The old shifter cable was rusted, a new one cost me an awful €12,- (better get one from work next time :-S )
  • I mounted a new head light.
  • And I tidied up the cable routing to look spare again.

It's meant for general purpose. My parents may ride it for the longer rides in Assen and I could use it for shopping. Other possibility is to let newbie 'bent riders have a go. And I'll ride when it's slippery because it does very well in the snow.

I've posted 16 photos in a picasa album, complete with captions. The first rides Saturday made clear everything works. The gearing is a little high, or maybe it's just me having a high rpm. Not that important to mention, I had a top speed of 35km/h. Getting it at 45km/h should be possible. Do keep in mind that you'd better ride a Fuego if you want to go that fast for a longer period of time.

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