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6 Mar 2010

From PM to Racer

Today I gave Yavixa a new set of front tyres. Not that the Perfect Moirees where worn out, not even close, but I'd like some more agility. The Moirees where almost perfect in a straight line. Their wide of 47mm, a smooth carcas and the relative high pressure made them fast, yet still surprisingly quiet and comfortable. But oh boy when you came to a corner. 47mm just is to wide in a Mango. The + version on the other hand, will keep a good turning radius with such wide rubber.

So one of the PM's went to the back to replace the 9000km old 54mm Moiree. The other Moiree will have to wait another 8000km to replace the first one. As you may have noticed in the titel, my new front tyres are a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Racers. A totally different tyre. I used to dislike them quite long because they wore out to quickly. But nowadays I can get a good discount on my bicycle parts, so that argument no longer exist.  I really do like slick tyres, but there's no slick tyre on the market right now that I'd want to have on the Mango. The new vm tyre Wim Schermer has a part in could be a good one.

Well then, how does she handle know? The tight cornering is back and Yavixa feels much more direct (which was a little scary at the first fast corner I did). I keep 'em at the same pressure as the PM's, just below 6 bar, but they're narrower and lower. These tyres do seem to be slower, data here, but that means I just have to pedal harder ;-) Comfort seems to be in order and they're relatively easy to mount. However, the folding version showed more difficulty going on than the thread (non-folding) version. The difference was 3.5bar or so. The folding version popped in to position at 7bar.

Below: Yavixa on normal Marathons with a race hood, parked beside a nice Lotus Elise.


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to the radial tires that Wim is helping to develop. For the last year though I've run Kojaks on the front of my Quest, been quite pleased with them. They're 35mm, and even the the closed wheels of the Quest, still give me a decent turning ability. 3000+ miles on 'em, hardly any visible wear.

  2. Did you not consider the Kojaks or Duranos ? The latter may be a bit thin, and not quite fat enough for speed bumps, but they do roll well. Kojaks are made with a really nice and grippy rubber compound and as they're 35 mm they're a good size. Either save a bit of weight.

    BTW, I think it's about time you had a go in a Mango Sport.

  3. I have a feeling Durano's don't suit my style of riding. The cornering would be to much for them and they'd last very short. (You've proven that David ;) )The wheel arches would look to big and the noise level could be to high at 8 bar. Could be interesting for an occasional race. Wait a minute, I've got half worn Avocets for those events. That's the fastest tyre there is, except for the legendary Compool. (hi there puncture fairy)

    Narrow and high pressure is something for my Fuego. Yivalté makes a very good combination with Stelvios.

    I can't think of a really big advantage the Kojaks could give me. Perhaps a little bit faster, but I wouldn't want more grip on such a narrow tyre. Possibly a bit too 'tippy' for me. Weight difference is only 65 grams. Going for a pee saves more weight. I did consider Kojaks, but I still had one almost new Racer in the shed. That, an the other things I mentioned made me decide to go for the Racers. The next pair could be Kojaks.

    I do totally agree on your opinion regarding the Mango Sport. Are you at LFGG next Wednesday?