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31 Mar 2010

Preparing for the recumbent Eastermeeting

For the 11th time it's organized and I'm attending for the 6th time, the Dutch recumbent Eastermeeting. It's held every year on a campsite close to Apeldoorn, near the village called Harskamp. This get together of almost a hundred 'bent riders is one of the highlight in the recumbent year. We camp, we ride, we chat, we eat and we goof around. If you've got some spare time, browse through this set of photos on my picasa page.

I went there twice with my Flevobike Alleweder and twice with Yavixa. Once I chose to go there with my previous Fuego and a Radical Cyclone trailer. This year is different. No trailer, no velomobile, just the Pioneer and two big bags I sewed together a few weeks ago. And since I already had the sewing machine installed, I also made new front wheels covers for Yavixa and a little sack to pack fresh underwear. My old toiletry bag turned out to be a little bulky, so I made a smaller one too. It was the first time I sewed in (?) a zipper and it turned out fine. I could of course buy all these things, but this is a lot cheaper and more fun. Besides, I'll probably only use the large side panier's once or twice a year, so buying a pair of €200,- would be silly anyway.  This cost me less than €30,- They lack all the handy cords, ties and zippers, but they're big and fit on the bike.

A lot of people go there without the luxury of a velomobile or the large luggage capacity of a trailer, but it's my first time on two wheels. The Nazca Pioneer isn't  frightened by big bags and longer tours, but I had to figure things out. And my Pioneer is different. It's modified so it's not as throughly tested as a regular big Pioneer. Those have travelled the world. South America, Australia, Asia, you name it, a Pioneer has been there. I decided to play on save for my tiny little journey and gave my re-build a proper pre-ride check. An important thing I did was mounting a new rear shock. The old one was worn down and didn't had any damping left. The 'new' one (yes, 2nd hand from the shelf) has a slightly heavier spring and adjustable damping. This has greatly improved the handling. It's more stable, especially in bumpy corners. And since the Easter meeting is held in an area with hills, high speed stability is highly appreciated.

So it may sound strange to the experienced bike traveller, but I'm quite excited about this ride. Friday will start just after 7am when I'll ride to work. I'll leave work a little earlier than usual.  It's just over to 90km from work to the meeting. If I leave at 4pm,  then I'll be there around 8pm.

Hopefully we'll have some sunshine so that I can make nice photos and possibly even a video.

This is an earlier video showing the capabilities of my big red Nazca.

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