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20 Mar 2010

Tomorrow: velodrome race Alkmaar

The final race of this years winter competition is scheduled for tomorrow. It'll be on the good 250 metre track in Alkmaar. Getting there will be different then other races. This time there's no train involved, I can travel together with 4 other competitors in their van. I'll ride to them tomorrow morning with Yavixa. Yivalté is already there. The driver picked her up yesterday on his way home from work. It won't be more than a 17km ride, but the roads are wet, so riding on an open bike, in race set-up is quite a bad idea.

The 1000 metre time trial is something that should be able in a new personal record. The strategy is simple. Start fast, hit 55km/h in the 2nd lap and do lap 3 and 4 as fast as humanly possible. My current personal best is 1:15:6, unfaired and 6 tenth faster with a tail fairing. The average speed is around 48km/h.

The 1 hour criterium is something you can't forecast. Just keep the heart rate around 183 and make sure you stay close to the fastest rider. Drink enough, ride save and don't blow yourself up halfway the race. An hour is pretty long, so don't do anything stupid. Most important is to make a good start. You can loose a lot if you start with a 100 metre disadvantage during the rolling start. And don't forget to look in your mirror, like I did in Apeldoorn....

Read what happened on the day self.

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