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8 Mar 2010

Weekly group ride: 3 Huneliggers, 3 Mango's

Yesterday we had a group 3 times as big as last week. Eight days ago my solo ride was short because of a slight headache and the dreary weather. But last Sunday, we had sunshine accompanied by a chilly breeze.  With me as the leader of the pack we rode a route similar to the Northern Velomobile ride. My two fellow Huneliggers weren't there at January 17. They did have to imagine the snow, the soup and 12 other velomobiles, but apart from that, this came pretty close to the original. They did have a good reason not to attempt. One got stuck in the snow, the other had a broken leg.

We had lunch after 25 kilometre beside one of my favourite heathland cycle paths. For me it was a total of 55 relaxing kilometres.

On the left you see a black Mango+ with a Philips sba-1500 speaker set mounted on the front wheel wells. The same set as in the back of Yavixa and the yellow Mango. You may guess three times to name the guy who came up with the idea to use those speakers ;-)

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