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13 Apr 2010

A bee and an ant

This morning I was working on my white Fuego, Yivalté. Just some little details that could be improved. I re-adjusted the rear brake and moved the return chain tube 2 centimetre forward. There always was a black spot of oil just above the front idler, so I added a small plate of aluminum to my home made idler support system. She's not an average Fuego indeed, and she's become even more special since yesterday. I'll show you the big new part on Saturday, then I'll have the final details worked out.

While working on the Fuego, I spotted a bee crawling near the rear tyre. The bee was obviously tired. The little insect hardly moved when I gave it a careful push. The flying honey machine did start walking, slowly, so I let it walk onto a cloth. My idea was that it needed some warmth and sunshine. It still was quite chilly in the shade, especially when you're an insect. I was right. As soon as a planted the insect on the leaf of a flower on a sunny spot in the garden, live fully returned to the 6 legged furry animal. All system warmed up again! Moments later, it took of to the blue sky.

Later today I saw a ant dragging something huge and fungi-us. Determined as ants can be, it kept going dragging this thing. A fellow ant gave assistance when it reached the little ant house between the tiles. What did surprise me was the straight line the ant walked. Most of the time they travel with a lot, from my point of view, unnecessary corners and de-tours. Could it be that they just like doing that and that this load was so heavy that it took the direct route?

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  1. Haha... the adventures of Peter, the bee and the ant ;-)