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8 Apr 2010

Easter meeting 2010

Friday started with the usual 42km ride to the little international headquarter. This part of the journey was just like the 60km from work to Apeldoorn, slow and windy. The Pioneer handled fine, but the headwind, the distance and the extra weight seriously slowed me down. No problem. I settled down and went into touristic mode. Relaxing, looking around and enjoying the scenery. My speed was just below 20km/h for most of the ride, luckily, it was a comfortable ride. The homemade bags worked fine.

I put on my windbreaker vest from E-koi just after I passed the 100km. It kept me warm on the last and most fun part of this ride. This is the part the video starts with. Once I was at the campsite, I pitched my tent by the light of the extra little battery powered head light I mounted on Lobbes. I took a shower and went to the recreational room. The night was a little frisk, but I slept well.

First job in the next morning was to go shopping. Bread, chocolate, drinks and dinner. My two evening meals where simple, yet tasteful and nutritious. Rice with canned beans, carrots and spiced tofu, or the same, but with stir backed Italian mix instead of the canned veggies. Dinner isn't complete without a dessert, so I also bought two vanilla puddings with cream. I relaxed and loitered around a bit for the rest of the Saturday. Talking, taking photos and giving some technical advice. A pleasant way to spent a day.

Sunday was a rainy day till 4pm, but the group ride was kinda fun. I rode along with my colleague for a while and did some filming. The rain wasn't to bad and my pants dried quickly. The hot chocolate with whipped cream on top was delicious. I think live needs more whipped cream. And as I'm typing this, I'd like some of it now. During my vacation to Canada, I'd often visit Star bucks. That's where I started loving the question: 'would you like whipped cream on top?' 'Yes please' would be my answer, with a big smile on my face.

On Sunday evening we had a campfire. I'd showered before and I kept that warm and fuzzy feeling by sitting by the fire till 12. It was just before midnight when I spoke to a fellow Fuego rider, Maarten. I then decided to buy a Garmin Gps. The Dakota 20 is now ready to ride on the hamster bar of Yivalté. Tomorrow I'll do the first long test ride on my way to work. More about that later on. It's around a campfire that you have and hear the most interesting conversations. Politics, statistics, gearing, tyres, travels rides and races. The world needs more campfires.

Monday morning, the morning of saying goodbye and heading home. I only had a few shorts stops on my way back. The ride took six hours, total riding time was about five and a half hour. Two hours after I returned home, 3 of my fellow 'Huneliggers' (local 'bent club') dropped by for a cup of tea. They had taken a different route from the Easter meeting than I'd done. Slower, more touristic, and with more stops. One of them stayed for the night. She still had another 60km to go, and that would have been a little too much.

  • Home to meeting: 134 kilometre 
  • Groupride: 42 kilometre
  • total distance Easter weekend: 315 kilometres.

You'll find a nice set of 45 photos about dogs, bikes, forest and people here.

My video, shot from my helmet mounted Drift X170 and shot free-hand with the Casio Exilim.


  1. Heb je Mango sport verslag gelezen Peter , tevens je filmpje met uitleg bekeken en van allebei weer een hoop geleerd.

  2. Dankjewel Gerrit.