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10 Apr 2010

Garmin Dakota 20 GPS

Wednesday I bought a hand held GPS device. I'd been thinking about buying such a gadget for quite a while. I had some good reasons for wanting one.
  • Getting lost is not unknown to me.
  • I'd like to do more long distance rides.
  • Go to places I haven't ridden before.
  • Ride long distances at night.
  • Find new trails.
  • Find interesting things.
Like you've probably did read in my previous blog item, I made the decision during the campfire of the Easter meeting. Maarten also gave me the advice to go to a store called 'Notter'/'Waypiont'. It turned out that they have a brand new store close to my home, only 30km away in Leek. The man from 'Waypoint' gave good advice and the store had a great combination pack in offer. A Garmin Dakota GPS, a 'Onroute' bike map and a handlebar mount for a reasonable price. Only thing extra I needed was Mapsource.

I've got everything up and running now, but it will take a little while to get used to my new gadget. It's al new to me and there's a lot to learn. Luckily, the Dakota is easy to operate. There was a technical challenge I had to solve. I had one bike mount, but I've three bikes one which I could use the Garmin. So I made special brackets to mount to my already special handlebars. Yivalté and Yavixa now have a GPS bracket, Lobbes will get one to next week.


  1. Ik ben ook nog steeds aan het oefenen hoor peter.
    Ik had waarschijnlijk een hoop eurotjes uit kunnen sparen door de onroute fietskaart niet tenemen en te gaan fietsen met openfietsmap maar helaas het pakket was toen al gekocht.
    veel plezier van je aankoop

  2. Hoe zit het met de ontvangst van de GPS in je Mango ? Ik overweeg ook zo'n toestel te kopen voor in mijn Strada, en de Dakota lijkt me wel wat (vooral het feit dat-ie op 2 AA-batterijen werkt)....

  3. The GPS reception is strong and accurate, whether I'm under open sky, in the bike shed, or in the Mango.
    When I'm inside the house, near a window is enough.

  4. That is totally a good idea! I hadn't thought about that before. I could probably find so many new trails if I used a GPS! Would you recommend the Dakota 20 GPS? You make it sound like it's pretty good.

  5. @Gary
    You can go just about anywhere and explore new places without the stress of getting horribly lost. I'd sure recommend my Dakota. For a little more money, Garmin has models with larger screens. Getting te right map is important too. Perhaps openstreetmap covers your area too.