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22 Apr 2010

One day to go: Spezi 2010

A busy week so far, and that won't change for the days to come. I've been working on a new Pioneer movie and all that left to do is ad the music. Since could take a couple of hours to synchronize, the movie won't be ready before Wednesday. How about the weekend then? Well, a normal weekend would offer time for editing, but this weekend is different.

I'll take the train to Germersheim tomorrow morning to attend the "Spezialradmesse". This is something I'd been wanting to do for quite some time. I'm lucky that I can combine my visit with my work for Nazca. Five hours per day will be work, the other three are up to me. So after I'd spent just over half the day helping out at the test track, Pjotr320 is going to do some recumbent journalism. There are several things I want to see. The Glyde, the Nuvinci hub, (and ride with it!) and just anything that different form the Dutch recumbent world.

Of course I'll bring my camera and a pile of available gigabytes to store scenes and photos. And because I'm not really a globetrotter, my travelling and stay is also a thing I'd want to capture. Once I figured out how the German train system works, it'll be great to ride with the 300km/h ICE train. For now it's a new and unknown world to the 10yo inside me.

To cut down on walking I've came up with something clever. You cant carry a bike, not even a folding one, on-board the fast train. So thats why I've made a little wooden three wheeled kick bike. The 'steering pole' is dis-mountable to allow for easy storage and travelling.

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