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19 May 2010

Helmets, a second life

A hot topic amongst cyclist, to wear or not to wear. I'm clever enough not to burn my hands on this. Do what you feel like! This post is about what to do with an old helmet. Every few years or so, I get myself a new one. The old one is damaged, scratched or just stinky. The cheapskate in me doesn't like throwing things away. The cyclist part likes new things, and sees the good point in buying a new one when that's necessary or handy.

Yesterday I came up with something that settles down mr. cheapskate, a way to re-use to old helmet. All you need is:

  • an old helmet
  • plastic with holes (something sharp does the job)
  • soil
  • a plant
I made a 2nd one from my mom's old helmet. That one needed a few cable ties to arrange to straps, but now it has a new life. 

1 comment:

  1. Whahaha... that's putting those things to good use!