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20 May 2010

A new bag to save weight on-board

Last week I wrote how I quite easily saved 580 gram on Yavixa's total weight. That was when I came up with another idea to bring to total past the 1kg mark. A new bag! I've been using a bag based on an old pair of jeans for almost 3 years. It is strong, easy to sew and has several pockets to easily find things when you need them. This bag always carried my cell phone, wallet, camera, lunch box and things like a spare battery. It does have a problem, it weighs 550 grams. More than half a kilo to carry stuff inside a already protective velomobile.

I took the shape and size of the 'jeans bag' and sketched something new. Light weight, with one big pocket, 3 smaller ones inside, all 4 covered with one zipper. And 2 little pockets on the outside. Easy to make and not waterproof. My velomobile tends to stay dry inside, well, except for some sweat. The whole bag weight just under 80 grams. That brings the total weight reduction to more than a kilo, within a week, whilst spending less than €10,-.

Does this make me significantly faster? No, maybe 0.15km/h at 30km/h. But why carry the weight of a bottle of milk around for no reason? Curious as I am, I also took a scale to see what Yavixa weights. The basic 'weight yourself with a vm in your hands' technique worked fine. The 35kg seems reasonable. That's ready to ride with a pump, spare tyre and audio kit. A 'normal' Mango must have weight in at about 34kg back in 2007.

Nowadays you can also get a Mango Sport. That one tips the scale below 28kg! I did a little review on that back in March.

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