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25 May 2010

Racing: Trias The Hague 2010

Beautiful weather and an afternoon on your favourite track, how nice can it be? The number of 12 was a little low compared to last years 30 participants, so the track was a bit empty. My presence started with a success, I opened the gates to the track, without a key. We'd been waiting for 10 minutes or so, and it was time to do some warming up! No harm was done to a fence whatsoever.

First up was the single individual lap. I did pretty well, improving my old lap record with 2 tenths of a second down to 2:03:099 I was hoping for more. A more impressive lap time was set by David on his M5 CLR. 1:57:815 is 4 seconds faster than the best time of last year. His average was 45.835km/h, almost 2km/h faster than mine.

The first criterium was a good, but sort of lonely. There was someone a hundred metres or so behind me, and I joined the leading pack for one round when they lapped me. But no lap is dull on this fabulous track, so I didn't really bother. I ride totally different lines than most other riders, so slipstreaming isn't much of an option. The lack of direct competition isn't helpful when you're striving for the fastest laptimes, but in the end, I was faster than last year. 39.6 compared to 39.2 km/h last year.

The second criterium, also 45 minutes, was 5 minutes to long. I really needed an emergency stop after 44 minutes. Waiting 5 minutes with doing 'a number 2' would have had disastrous consequences. So instead of finishing 8th, 12th  and last was my place in the results. I lost 3 laps. My legs didn't feel happy during this race and I kept my heart rate 15bpm lower than during the first race. 183 felt fine during that one. You simply can not take to much risk when you have 3 hours of train travel to go.

The rest of the day was warm and lazy. Chatting, eating, loitering and close to six hours of travelling. I found a more than comfortable spot in the train for the last one and a half hour of my journey. Laying on my bike, leaning against a wall, a shoe clicked in, that's better than first class.


Photo's Martenjn made, all 65 of 'em, can be found here, recommended!
There'll be another post pretty soon with a video about the 2nd crit, filmed from a M5 CHR.

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  1. Zeeeer spannend filmpje, die bochten jongens...