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12 May 2010

Two very different rides

I did something different than the usual weekly group ride last Sunday. I did join a ride, but it started in Zwolle, 70 kilometres south of my hometown Assen. A distance easily covered, in these situations, in a velomobile. But since I'd be riding the Pioneer, my day started with a train ride. The ride started at 10 in the morning with 4 riders. Me, a Fuego, a Quest and a Taifun. Our goal was to visit mills. It was the 'mill weekend' and one or two would be open to public today. We saw a lot of mills whilst riding through a nice landscape. It did amaze me how different this region of the country is compared with 'my' Drenthe. They've got little hills and rivers down there!

Although it didn't feel like spring, it did look like that. The world was very green and it came in many variations. Big old trees flowering, blossoms blooming, birds singing, you get the idea. The trails where nice and we had them for our selves. That really is the up-side of this cold weather, most people stay indoors...

So that was a calm, relaxed ride, talking and sight seeing 25km/h. Thanks to Paulus and Wijtze for arranging this ride. I'd done 118km by the end of the day.

Yesterday evening was completely different. I did the long evening ride of 58km with Yavixa. No time for sight seeing this time, but I did enjoy the fresh air that came with the gently ongoing rain. My heart rate was with '160 something' in the D3 region, so I was doing a pretty decent job at keeping the speedo up.  Cruising speed was somewhere between 35 and 40km/h,  slightly affected by the 3bf. wind. It was pretty cool to see my big brother driving by in the 'fire departments dive assistance van'. On his way to a training I guess.

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