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10 Jun 2010

Cycle Vision 2010, Saturday, day 1

I was woken up by the sun after a very good night. A light breakfast is all I need now. There's no need to hurry, my first start this day isn't until 10:21am. Nazca has just arrived when I come by to pick up the Gaucho. Pedals are swapped, water bladder is mounted and just before the start, I lengthen the boom 5 millimetre or so.

It still is quite early for this engine, so my heart rate doesn't go that high and so does my power output. Nevertheless, I do a steady, reasonably fast 1 hour individual. I manage to do 39.1km, which is .1 km higher that I'd thought I would do. It does become clear to me that at this higher speeds, the aerodynamics start have effect, meaning that my Fuego is faster at speeds like this. Still, up to 35km/h, the Gaucho 28" is a quick bike. And the way it handles rough roads is impressive. So for daily use, it's faster. For higher speeds, the seat angle should be more reclined. But naturally, that has known side effects.

I use to 2 hours between the 1 hour and the velodrome race to eat a little and to relax. YivaltĂ© get's her pedals back, and I also mount my start number, transponder and water bladder. The semi final I'm about to race already looked challenging on paper. The first 8 out of 14 riders will make it through to the finale. The video will explain most of the story. What you don't hear is the support I got from the infield. And that really helps when you start to see little flashing brightly coloured dots after 25 minutes of going round and round. I finish 9th in  very strong field.

There was an up-side to the rather disappointing result, I had quiet a change at winning the loser, or turtle, final. And that's exactly what I did. I lead the entire race, without any serious thread from the competition. It was nice to 'own' the track like that. I could ride around in a fairly relaxed manner. Although I did speed up in the end, just to make sure that number 2 wouldn't un-lap himself. I won a t-shirt and got to stand on the podium :-)

The big finale, the one I'd liked to do, is an impressive sight. I mounted my camera to Robert's bike. He the man you see looking over his shoulder during the semi-final, to see if I could keep up. But, as you saw, I ran out of gears and steam. He rides a strong race, with a fabulous final lap.


I spend the rest of the day relaxing, eating, and chatting. The 2 velodrome races really took the best of me today. It was before half past 10 that I switched of the lights.

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