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9 Jun 2010

Cycle Vision, Friday, day 0

Friday morning, just after 7. I'm pulling a fully loaded trailer behind my Fuego. She's in race set-up. As low as I could get her, with a little 'hack'. Seat angle just over 20 degrees, no rack, a neck rest and the chain cleaned and oiled. With all that racing coming up, my legs have a day off. So my average is below 24km/h

Work goes well. Mr. Nazca is adding the final details to the bike I'll be doing the 1 hour on, a 28" Gaucho. I do the usual thing, quality controls on bikes. This is a short day, Pjotr leaves the int. hq. at 2:20pm. That turned out to be just in time, because the train was spot on time, and I just made it. That's very much not like me.

I get out of the train station of Schiphol airport, close to Amsterdam. Finding your way out of Schiphol as a cyclist took a lot of my own creativity. In some sort of way, I found a road, quickly followed by a cycle path. The route included half a car park. Most of the airport is surrounded by buss lanes.

My GPS knows the way to the event, so that goes pretty smooth. The atmosphere at the campsite typically 'recumbent event'. I see a lot of people I know. My first Cycle Vision wish comes out as I find a spot in the shade to pitch my tent. The rest of the evening is spent socializing and chatting. And eating of course! Thanks to my mp6 player I could watch the 8 o'clock news, just like I was at home. Just before dark, the sleeping bag is zipped. Time for a good night of sleep. Saturday won't exactly be a relaxing first half of the weekend.

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