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7 Jul 2010

25,000 kilometre in my Mango

My recent night ride gave me several nice things. One of them was that the odometer of Yavixa went past the 25k mark. I got her on the 24th of November 2007, so it took me about 31 months reach that point. That means over 800km per month. Quite a number if you know that Yavixa isn't my only 'bent. During all those kilometres she had to withstand a lot of things. Three winters, temperatures from minus 15 up to 33 degrees Celcius, snow, salt gritted roads, rain, dust, sand, rough roads, speed bumps, fierce cornering, moped beating acceleration, high speeds and me.

I didn't do a lot of maintenance, just lubed the chain and front suspension struts regularly and the pivoting points of the brakes twice a year. The wheels where aligned a couple of times after I'd hit a curbstone. The brake and shift cables where replaced once, as well as the joints of the front suspension after 16k. The rear freewheel didn't freewheel anymore last winter and I wore out several sets of tyres. My current front tyres, Racers, are my favourite thus far. I think both chains are about half way their lifespan.

So I thought this was going to be quite a write up, but actually, there's not much to say. Everything just works fine. The combination of a well protected chain and rider, wrapped up in a comfortable, fast, stable, practical and self supporting structure has proven to be a winner for me. 'We' look after each other. I get a fun ride, she gets a good washing every now and then.

I wrote about my Sinner Mango before:
Lots of photo's can be found here.

And I also did a bit of explaining in this video I made.


  1. Pjotr, I commend you!!!! This is a great accomplishment for our planet!!!! I really enjoyed your video. I love recumbent bikes myself, have two of them, a Lightning P-38 and a Rans Rocket.

  2. Nicely done! That a lot of kilometers.

    Tony (2005 Volae Expedition)