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26 Jul 2010

The controls of my Mango Sport, Jenease

My Mango Sport Red Edition is sporty and light wight, but does carry quite some gear. You can spend a lot of hours inside a velomobile, so everything has to be just right.

One of my personal additions is the stainless steel cable that keeps the steering column under a certain angle. That takes work away from my arms so I consume less energy. Energy that's better used to go far and fast. Other people just let the handle bars rest on their 'earo' belly, which I haven't got ;-) That low fat percentage is the same reason there's padding on the seat.

Well then, I'll guide you through all the switches, levers and buttons.

  • On the left is a little red dash light, there's another one on the right side of the cockpit. I find red light to be pleasant to my eyes when it's dark.
  • On top of the dash is the main power switch. With that on, also the mini daytime lights go on.
  • The computer is a Sigma BC1609. My own choice. Has the optional cadence meter installed.
  • Under the Sigma is a switch that turns on all four indicators. Beside it are lights that flash along with the indicators. There's also a buzzer to make sure you don't forget to turn the indicator off again.
  • On the side of the dash is the switch for the IQ-speed head light.
  • Above the Mp3 player are three switches, USB-outlet (special option!), rear fog light and dash lights.

  • The steering column has a bar-end shifter on each side. A friction shifter controls the front dérailleur. 
  • The indexed one on the right controls the 10 speed rear dérailleur. It's all Ultegra stuff.
  • In the middle is the brake lever, with build in parking brake. Its has a sensor to activate the brake light.
  • The little red button allows me to switch between the high and low power option of the Busch und Muller  IQ-speed head light, 50 or 10 lux. Explanation is difficult, just remember that 50 lux is a lot.
  • Next to the light mode switch is the indicator switch.
  • In the middle is the mount for my Garmin Dakota GPS.
There's no electric horn or bell in my Mango.  I've mounted a pump that powers a horn. The same pump can be used for pumping up tyres.

More photos can be found here.
My velomobile was built by Sinner.

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