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13 Jul 2010


I'd grown tired of my hair the last weeks. it wasn't in good shape anymore and I didn't like the look of it anymore too. So yesterday evening I decided to have something done with it. This morning I got on my Pioneer (to keep it on-topic) and went to a hairdresser.

I was lucky to see an familiar person working there. A girl who followed the same education as I did back in 2001-2004 or so, retailing. Me and my classmate referred as: 'Double B'. Much later I heard her real name. My idea was to ditch about 3/4 of the length, and she had an idea about the styling. This time I could follow the entire process because I could keep my glasses on. Nice to actually see what was happening with my head.

You know how it goes. A bit of 'chit chat' and 20 minutes or so later the job was done. I like the 2010 version of my head in the mirror. Having a blond beauty in the same mirror also was a welcome addition to my reflection. In the meantime I'd learned a few necessary things about hairstyling, and I left the hairdresser with two small jars of 'Blend'. Great stuff, worked fine today.

More technical things: I bought a 40mm hose clamp to mount a new, own design, chain tensioner in my Mango.


  1. Did I inspire you with my recent 1 mm look? ;-)

  2. What? no picture? :-D

  3. @XL-Network: No, I don't have a head for that :-D It'll feel cold and naked too. And than the hairdresser would have been ready way to fast.

    @jon: sometime, somewhere in an album, maybe.