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21 Jul 2010

My new Mango Sport velomobile

I'd been looking at the Sport for a while. A velomobile that would do what my normal Mango does, but than faster, lighter, prettier, better finished and with more fun to ride. In March I did a test ride. You can read about that here. At some point I decided to get my own Sport, a special one. Yes I know options add weight, but I like a bit of luxury. So I came up with a package David Hembrow called 'Red Edition'. Arjen came up with the writing on the tail, a nice detail.

  • Drum brakes, reliable
  • IQ-speed headlight, bright and efficient
  • Indicator lights, save and practical
  • Brake/tail light combination, great for grouprides
  • twin red interior light, cozy atmosphere
  • 3x10 Ultegra gearing, wide range with small steps

Now one of  interesting things of being part of the big recumbent family is getting the chance to do some work on the assembly of your own 'bent. So I spent several days at 'de ligfietsgarage' building my very own 'best Mango ever'. Carefully figuring out how I wanted things to be. Learning a lot and having a laugh with my temporary colleagues. At the end of the 2nd day, we went back to Assen with 3 Mangoteers. The Sinner velomobile factory is only 30km away from my house. Harry was riding with a camera on his light weight stripped down 26.3kg Sport. He has no build in electronics, but has drum brakes and suspensions on all wheels. A basic, yet true velomobile. The video he made can be seen here.

Back to my Mango. She, here name is Jenease, weighs 29kg when she's ready to race. And racing is where she'll be good at. The ride is so different, in a good way. It's more than just losing 5kg, it's a great combination of fine components. Faster than old Yavixa. The steering is spot on and the gearing is brilliant. I never have the feeling of being in between gears. Inside the finishing is outstanding. The dashboard is pretty and wires are hardly visible. I also had the wiring for my cadence meter installed with the other wiring. That's a bit of extra work, but all worth it. The glass fibre-epoxy body is very well made. Lovely attention to detail. No lose fibres, no rough edges.

I'll first do some more rides with her and than write a more detailed write up about several details. I'll leave you with a link to more photos.


  1. congratulations

  2. She is so pretty. I love the design. Congrats on your new Mango Sport. I love mine and it is great to see how nice Jenease is. I can't wait to see her first race results. Are you now a two velomobile person with both Yavixa and Jenease or will Yavixa go to a new home?

  3. Congratulations with your new velo , Peter , she has pritty nice looks
    I hope you have many safe ride.s with her.

  4. She looks great... can't wait to see her in real life. Also I think we'll draw lot's of attention on our planned 2 week roundtrip of Holland, begin september.

  5. Nice, very very nice!! Just beautiful!

  6. Congrats on your new ride, happy & safe miles !

  7. Your new bike is a beauty!
    I agree finding the right gear is a must. At the 'Fortentocht' with the FAW I had to shift from 15-13 teeth each and every time, awfull!

  8. Thank you all!
    Yavixa went to the Ligfietsgarage.
    My favourite cassette on my FAW was a 14-28. That had small jumps, with a 52-65 up front.