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5 Jul 2010

Tilburg, It could have been worse...

Yesterday I went to another race that's part of the Dutch recumbent competition. (DRC) I arrived at the track around half past twelve. Getting there had taken me over four hours, and that probably didn't do any good to my overall condition. It started with a minor headache. No real problem, at first, those things tend to go away within a few minutes after the start. So I made Yivalté ready to race and found a comfortable spot in the shade. More and more competitors arrived. With a field like this and my legs feeling strong, this could become a fun day at the races. If it wasn't for that headache.

Right on time, the grid fills with riders. I do an excellent start, but am smart enough not to go flat out in the first lap. Head still hurts. Even as I'm typing this, it stills feels strange in my grey mass. But after a lap or so, things feel better. I speed up, corner like I should and start to overtake people. Doin' 43kph is pretty easy, heart rate is around 180, but my head still aches. Luckily, that one tight corner is fun. You'll see it in the video how nice it is to take it at 38kph.

But the headache remains, and  start to feel weird. I decide to call it quits. With a little luck, riding the second, shorter, criterium is possible. Problem is, my condition goes from bad to worse. Why? Heat doesn't feel like a problem and I've drinking enough. A lack of sleep? Don't think so. Maybe I ate something wrong, but what? Miserable and sick, my afternoon continuous. Yivalté does get to have some fun when Jos H. takes her out for a ride. The front tyre of his M5 low racer is flat, and the valve is too short. The pumps cant get a grip on it.

The one lap time trial goes one without me, just like the second crit. I do yell: '3, 2, 1, start'. That was my entire contribution to this event. Thankfully, I'm not alone and people look after me. That really helps when you're sick and far from home. There's no need to worry when you have such good people around. David H. offers me his spot in the Sinner van. He'll take the train home instead of me. I even win a price. The price for the unluckiest rider...

I get to ride home with H@rry and Marjon. Yes, I'm sad because I feel miserable and missed the race, but I'll get home, so everything will be fine. My revenge on the 'sick' will be sweet when I set a personal record on my personal long training route of 58km Tuesday evening. That'll be a perfect time to do such a thing, because that's when the national soccer team plays the semi final for the world championships. Streets will be deserted :-)

Just before we leave Tilburg, David hands me a painkiller, or should I say, a piece of magic. Because within an hour the pain and misery is gone. Only a weak, dizzy and sleepy feeling remains. I did feel quite a live when was back home, around half past ten.

David's Mango was in the back of the van and I rode it back to his house. I didn't go any faster than 38kph when I did that. We had a cup of tea and talk a bit about this and that.

It's close to midnight when I have dinner. Something with rice, and apple sauce and sweet yoghurt for dessert. Yawn!

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