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4 Aug 2010

22km Time trial Nijeveen

Saturday was the fourth time I participated in the time trial of Nijeveen. The recumbents are given a go at the track after the df's had their chance of setting a time. But that's not how the day started. It all begun when David H. and I left hometown Assen in our Mango's.

We didn't leave exactly on time, so we only spend a few minutes at the small meeting behind Nazca Recumbents. I did take time to adjust the cadence sensor. That had become mis-aligned after I'd moved the bottom bracket a bit closer to the seat.

Under a drizzling sky we rode to the event. It would be dry when it was our turn to race. We signed in at the canteen of the cycling club and picked up our starting numbers. There was quite a turn up. Thirty participants, accompanied by a couple of supporters. A mixed grid with ten or so velomobiles, including three Mangos.

I started without feeling warmed up. Probably because I didn't do a warm up. But I was up to temperature after five minutes. I kept a steady pace of 45kph. It took a while to find out why I was two to three kph slower on a long straight. I discovered I had some serious headwind. Main while, the cadence was a good 95-100rpm. Some corners where a bit slippery. That, combined with my little experience at velomobile racing, did affect my average. But not by much.

After the first lap I had to yell at some just finished and 'sleeping' df-ers. They where on the racing line and not paying attention to what was going on behind them. It did hurt my voice, but I got by them without slowing down. Some didn't appreciate me overtaking them on the right. All I can say to them is to 'get of the bloody racing line'.

Apart from this slightly exciting moment, the rest of the 22 kilometre went without any real drama. I was overtaken by three Quests and overtook numerous unfaired riders. You'll see most of that in my video. In the end I'd managed 43.3kph. Which is right in the middle, or just over that, of my expectation of 41-45kph average.

Afterwards there was the usual chit chat and socializing. That's when I made some photos.  David and I rode home the same way we'd gotten there, calm and steady, cruising at 36kph.

At first, it did feel odd to not race the Fuego in this event. But with this weather, and this result, everything turned out fine.  Last year, the conditions where perfect and I achieved an average of 41.3. This year, with the strong wind and the wet track, I was 5 percent faster.

And yes, my camera was mounted too low.


  1. Hi ,

    This is a very dangerous raceparcours! Look at your video. After 2 min. you were overtaken by a white quest but then there is a white car coming to you in opposite direction. Absolutely rediculious I think! What is that car doing there ??

    Simply Red.

  2. @simply red
    It's a time trial on public roads, with intersections that where kept clear for cyclist. The car was just going somewhere, like cars do. As long as people stay on the right side of the road, everything is okido.
    (I did cut several corners on places where I could see possible oncoming traffic)

  3. I understand that the car was going somewhere. But I think a timetrial for bikers should be absolutely carfree. It's not some kind of touristic tour but there is competition and everyone wants to achieve a high average (with some risk)

    Paul Dijs

  4. I do not think the overtaking was dangerous at all, I did not even notice the oncoming traffic before you mentioned it, but boy did those quests fly past.