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30 Sep 2010

Fire trucks and events

Just before the event at the TT circuit ended, me and my dad headed home to switch bikes. I parked my precious Mango and together we rode to the city centre. He on is upright, me on my trusty Pioneer. We had a good reason to leave the track a little early.

My oldest brother had in a part in organizing the day at the race track, my big brother is a fire fighter. And this day he'd be driving 'his' vehicle as part of the parade of fire trucks. 88 vehicles gathered at the old harbour after the parade. All this to celebrate the fact that Assen has it's own fire brigade since 1760. I arrived just in time to see most of them and film them as they left the terrain.

So that Saturday was about as good as it can be for the child in me. Next weekend will be fun too. Friday starts like usual at the little int. hq. But that's the only thing normal about this weekend. I'll go there by train and my newest creation, the R604B. (more about that later) The day at Nazca will end a little sooner the catch the train to Hilversum, From there, I'll ride to Huizen where the annual recumbent autumn meeting is held. Two nights and one day with about 40 recumbent friends. Sunday starts early as I head back to Assen by car. Me, and a fellow racer go north to attend a race in Groningen. In Assen I'll switch over to Jenease after I've prepared food and alike for the rest of the day. Groningen is only a one hour ride from home. At the end of the afternoon, after one and a half hour of racing, I'll slide back in the Mango again and ride home easily. Probably a little tired after 3 very busy and fun days.

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