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27 Sep 2010

Our local race track

Let's start this post on Friday. Like usual, I worked at the little int. hq. Besides making bikes ready to go to costumers, I got a new thing to do, modelling. A costumer had questions about how to service an suspension unit. So I showed step by step how to dis- and re-assemble it, whilst my boss made photos of my hands handling the air shock. It's only a five minute job, but it's difficult to do it on your own. Also worth mentioning is a bike brought in for a quick inspection. The client also dropped by to talk about his latest bike trip, a 17.000km ride through Europe. Except for a small crack in the seat, everything was in order with his Rohloff equipped Gaucho. He'd visited many countries, from Sweden to the Ukraine. During my work, I made two photos. One to show a bike I'd been working on, the other because it really shows how 'green' my way of travelling is.

On Saturday me and my dad went to our local race track, the TT circuit. World famous as being one of the finest tracks, with a rich history going back to 1928 or so. We visited the 'Friends of the TT circuit foundation day'. The day started with some speeches about future plans with the track, and how to deal with the few people that don't fully appreciate the fact that they have this wonderful facility close by. Good ideas where mentioned on sound levels and the landscape. On thing was made clear, the track is here to stay :-)

At two o'clock it was time for the moment I'd been waiting for so long. The 'friend' could choose between a bus ride over the track, or to ride their bike on it. Today Jenease was wearing the race hood for the first time. The tyres where at the highest allowed pressure and the wheel arches where slightly modified. I quickly realized that in this set-up, my Mango Sport is very fast. Doin' 50kph went almost effortless. An outlap, a fast lap, and an inlap, I really like this track. My dad had a go in his FAW and he did 2 laps. With only 12 people on the track, and me doing more than twice their speed, I had the whole track for myself. Without proper warm-up and preparation I averaged 47.5kph, not bad for a first attempt on a damp track.

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