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23 Sep 2010


Last Friday was a busy day for me at the little int. hq. Six bikes needed my attention, and that will the same tomorrow. One of the things that make the world of recumbents so fascinating is the wide variety in models. At the end of the day I made this photo. It shows a Gaucho 28" and a Fiero XS. The first one is a 'bent with a road bike touch. 'Real' wheels and high end components. The other is an agile little machine that's ideal for shorter people. 1.55 metre, or 5'2" is tall enough to ride it.

The ride home in Jenease was a good one. I had support from a side/tail wind and was quickly cruising at 40kph. A few intersections bring the average down, the short shower didn't. In fact, I kept going faster. The 10 speed gearing is so nice that even above 40kph the steps are small. My cadence was somewhere between 95 and 100. I'd  shift up when I'd pass the 100rpm, and I'd gain a few kph too when I did so. Everything went so easy, that breaking my previous record of 1:09:28 was as easy as pie. I knocked 1 minute and 7 seconds of the time I set last summer on my Fuego. Fuego YivaltĂ© is way faster on tight twisty tracks, but my commute is more like the track of Monza. The 41.8 kilometre where done with an average of 36.7kph. Faster, as always, is possible. But than I'd have to give it a go when there's less traffic. (more about my Sinner Mango Sport Red Edition: the manufacturers website)

The next day I did something different. I had a family meeting in Giethoorn. Naturally, I went there by bike. My slowest bike, the Pioneer. But I got there comfortable, reasonably dry and on time. In fact, I was the first to arrive. The rest of the family took there cars and got, well, lost. Bridges, road works, closed roads, made them arrive an hour later than I did! They must have had a great time driving.... ;-) And no, they only had to travel 75km or so. I did 53km, with a headwind. 

Giethoorn is a, very touristic, scenic place with old houses, tiny canals and lot's of boats. My parents where there too. They'd made a three day trip out of it, staying at a B&B before and after the meeting, and rode there on there Nazca recumbents. Anyway, my uncles, aunts and so on, aren't that interesting. So no photos or stories about them. I did take some photos on this day, mostly about my usual topics. My total for this day was 104km. A day well spent in many ways.

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