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6 Oct 2010

Autumn meeting.

Riding through a forest in twilight on your home mode wooden 'bent is fun. I was on my way from Hilversum to Blaricum/Huizen. One small bag hanging on the right side of the luggage rack, my sleeping bag tucked under the seat. The homemade headlight gave plenty of light, even in the economy mode. The little bike handled good enough and my GPS knew the route.

Most of my fellow 'bent riders had already arrived when I showed up at a quarter to eight. I found a bed in a cabin and went back to the canteen where everybody had gathered. Like always, I felt like eating. Luckily Eugene and Brechtje had a little to much meat for the barbecue. When I said that I'd built another woody, people became curious and I brought the bike in. It turned out it is quite a head turner and I answered loads of questions. And, as this sort of bike actually is a good idea, I decided to built a second one later in time. Someone should be crazy enough to buy it. It was way past midnight when I went to bed and slept very well.

The next morning started with breakfast followed by conversations about this and that. Just after eleven we all left to for a ride. A 50km ride with about 40 'bents. This would a good test to see how my little bike would behave. I rode along for a while with 'Grey Pioneer'. She recently replaced her under seat handlebars, with the guidance of a manual I had written. I felt sort of pride that it had turn out so well. Shifting, steering, bracking, everything was in order again. The scenery was nice and the other traffic didn't give any problems. We did have to take it easy two times to pass horses, but the amazons had good control over their animal.

We all had a rest stop half way. I enjoyed warm apple pie. The ride continued and, apart from one puncture, everything went alright. The little bike did ask attention at higher speeds on rougher roads. Easy to understand when you know about the short wheelbase, stiff frame, no suspension and corner happy steering characteristics. It felt like cycling in a very pure form.

Dinner was cooked by Gerold and Maartje. They've done this at the autumn meeting several times and know how to feed hungry cyclist. It was delicious! A fourth portion would have been nice, but the pots where empty. Actually, the pot was scraped empty to give me the final portion there was. This gastronomical piece of excellence was followed by dessert. For me: banana with whipped cream and chocolate flakes, hot chocolate with whipped cream and again, banana with whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

The evening continued and the atmosphere only became better. We'd speak about a broad spectrum of subjects, including the usual things like traffic and the joy of recumbents. This evening was shorter than the previous one. I had to get up early on Sunday to be on time for the race Groningen.

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