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18 Oct 2010

LEL 2010

Yesterday we had the final race of this years competition. And like each year, the season ends with Lelystad - Enkhuizen - Lelystad. A 51km race over a dyke with a u-turn after 25.5km. David had arranged the Sinner van. Harry and Marjon picked us up on a, not so early, Sunday morning. Newbie racer Serwin also rode along with us.

We arrived nicely on time. The sun was shining and lot's of 'bent riding friends had gathered at the beginning of the dike. I took it easy and made time to talk to several people. Some jumping around, eating a Mars and having a wee, all part of my preparation for the time trial. Then, finally, I rolled up to the starting line. I velcro'd the race hood in position and closed the visor. From this moment all my air would come in via my newly made air in-take. A test earlier that day told me that it works. It let's in fresh air, which I so badly need, and works from a speed as low as 20kph. At 50, there's plenty of air to feed the engine.

It started with an enthusiastic start, followed by a coast down and three challenging corners. After that, it was just a matter keeping the revs and the speed up. 44 felt fast enough for the first 14km or so. The second part went faster, with the faster part close to the aquaduct. There was a bump in the road that was really rude to my suspension. A few seconds later, I reach my top speed for today of 62kph. My u-turn went quick. I used some of the grass and just let enough room for a man with a camera.

My legs didn't feel happy after the short climb from under the aquaduct. But after a few kilometer, I was back up to speed. Now, with a tailwind my speed started to creep up to 50kph. Still, I found time fiddle with my camera and to wave to other racers. Well, 'wave' is not really the word. There's not much room under the race hood. Luckily mine doesn't fog up. That's the result of the proper ventilation and using an anti-fog cloth, the day before.

I kept going faster, my heart rate stabilized around 183. My cadence was just below 100. It wasn't easy, but it sure was fun. Than, one final sprint back up to the bridge where we started from. I did it in 1:07:19, and that's nice when you where aiming for 1:07. I finished 12th out of 37 with an average of 45.5kph. More important, I was a lot faster than two years ago and a little faster than H@rry, who also rides a Mango Sport.

I felt satisfied and happy. My brain still felt a little fuzzy from pushing so hard. The after race atmosphere was great. People like the looks of Jenease and there's always so much to talk about after a race. Good people, nice day, Peter happy.

More of my photo's. Mango54's photo's (recommended!)

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